No word is impossible

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…He said to them: “Because you do not believe. For I say unto you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and the mountain shall pass away, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”…Matthew 17:20 | Remember not whether great or small, but whether there is none. Jesus uses the illustration of the seed to represent faith, because the seed is the smallest of the other grains. whether great or small, but with or without faith. As we note in Matthew 17: 14-17 .. when Jesus returned to the crowd, a father came to meet him in a spirit of worship. He was saying that his disciples could not heal his son. Jesus rebuked the disciples, the disciples, the multitudes, and all the unbelieving people. in Mat 17:17 … First, how long will Jesus have to be with them, and Second: how long will Jesus have to be patient with them?

And being with them, they could hear his teaching, see his works, and know him, but they still did not believe in the true Messiah. It confirms that his time in the world is limited. After asking questions that did not require an answer, he asked that the sick child be brought to him. Jesus cast out the demon and the boy was healed. His boldness overcame all power. Then the disciples asked why they had not cast out the demons. The only reason is because they have no faith. They rely on the power of man and not the power of God. Remember that often our failures are not due to external challenges and threats but lack of faith that allows us to rely on our abilities, potentials, and habits. The problem is not big or small faith, but there is or is not faith. Commitment to Christ is not an easy choice, it is a risk and a struggle.

Why not? Being a disciple means being willing to be subdued by the world. Christians often misunderstand what it means to be a follower of Christ: happy and obstinate, so that when the storm of life comes to its fullest, peoples ‘protest’to God. Christians people start to shake, despair, and lose hope because they never imagined that their path would not be easy. How is it true to be a follower of Christ as Jesus exemplified? What principles should we apply? seek His will in the faith that is in Him and believe that there is NOTHING for us as believers … Lord Jesus bless

Ps.Ricardo RJ Palijama – Sekretaris BM EMC

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